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Active Directory/Exchange 2007 for Disaster Recovery

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  • Active Directory/Exchange 2007 for Disaster Recovery


    I have completed the VMware Vi3 at our Disaster Recovery Data Center. And what I'm looking for, what are the best options available to move the existing physical Active Directory and physical SCC Exchange Cluster Environment from our Production to the DR Site.

    At our HQ Site, we have also VMware ESX Setup for contingency backup plan and I'm thinking to use this Vi3 for my DR preparation and setup.

    I though of the below options, and i would like to know what is the best from the expert.

    Note: I'm not considering Vmware SRM or Exchange SCR in this scenario as I don't have Active Replication Link

    Active Directory 2003.

    1. 1 Build a new VM
    2. 2 Make it as an Additional Virtual v-ADC
    3. 3 Transfer the FSMO Role to the v-ADC
    4. 4 Allow time for replication
    5. 5 Cold Clone
    6. 6 Copy and Register the VM at DR

    1. 1 P2V the Physical DCs
    2. 2 Backup / Copy VM Files and Folder
    3. 3 Restore at DR Site and Register the VM

    Exchange 2007 SCC Cluster:

    Option:1 Physical and Virtual Cluster under Vmware ESX Server
    • 1 Assign the Exchange LUNS to the VMware ESX Server as RDM
    • 2 Map the LUNs to a VM
    • 3 Prepare a VM to be a Virtual Node Exchange SCC
    • 4 Add the v-Node to the MSCS Cluster
    • 5 Install Exchange and Add it as part of SCC Cluster
    • 6 Test Failover
    • 7 Backup v-Node VMDK
    • 8 Backup Exchange DB
    • 9 Restore v-Node VMDK
      [*10 Assign RDM Quorum LUN and other Storage Groups LUNs to the v-Node
    • 9 Restore Exchange DB
    • 10

    Option:2 P2Ving Exchange 2007 Passive Node
    1. 1 P2V Passive Node only C:\ Drive
    2. 2 Move the Resources to old Active Node
    3. 3 P2V Second Node only C:\ Drive
    4. 4 Backup both Nodes
    5. 5 Restore at DR Site VMDK files
    6. 6 Assign Quorum Lun and other Storage Groups LUNs to both Nodes
    7. 7 Start Exchange Servers
    8. 8 Restore Exchange DB

    1. Build Exchange SCC Cluster at DR Site with same SG and Restore DB
    2. 1 Build Exchange SCC at DR Site with same Storage groups name and Size
    3. 2 Backup Exchange DB from Production and Restore at DR Site

    Moreover, the Exchange HT and Exchange CAS Server will be P2Ved.

    Thanks for your opinion in advance.

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