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    I am having a little trouble with an AD config and could use some pointers.

    I have 1 main office and 3 locations: Main and 1,2,3. Each of the locations is connected to Main by a full T-1. Each location has roughly 15 users. Main has 120ish.

    All 4 locations to act as one network (more or less) with admins in the main office.

    There are currently 4 domains:,, etc.

    Each office has 2 servers that are the DC's for that domain. Each PDC runs DNS/DHCP/WINS.

    I would like to merge into one single domain with 1 DC in each location for local authentication. Is there good reason not to do this?

    I am planning on having one GC in each location. Is there a reason not to do that?

    so the AD will look like this:


    My main objective is good performance and simplicity for users and admins. I don't see a good reason to keep the child domains as they just add complexity to what is really a very simple network. It is important that each remote office be able to function locally if the T-1 goes down. That means login to their computers and access any local resources they normally use. There is no need for any administration to occur while the T-1 is down.

    Since this is such a small network I don't think replication traffic should pose any real issue. Is that a fair assumption?

    Thanks in advance for your time. Suggestions may not always be heeded but are always appreciated.


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    Re: AD Question

    No suggestions as your plan is on track.

    Whoever set it up did it backwords. AD design should start from the simplest design, business needs will then need to justify additional complexity.