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Group Policy issue with one OU

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  • Group Policy issue with one OU

    HI All,

    I have created a group policy for one particular OU which consists *.vbs file in order disable x drive on computers of that OU.

    I have added in Computer config-->Windows settings--> Startup and locate the Vbs file by \\server\share\*.vbs.

    No errors on the serverend, but the policy not applied to that group. I have checked another option user configuration--> administrtaive templates--> windows explorer-->Hide specfic drives in computer

    but no option for X drives only for A - D drives. pls help to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Group Policy issue with one OU

    hide or disconnect? no idea how to hide a drive mapping. either way its a user setting and putting a script in the Computers node of a GPO will not work.


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      Re: Group Policy issue with one OU

      We use HideCalc to hide drives. This tool can create an ADM file which you can use in your GPO