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Outlook prompts for ad authenticated user

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  • Outlook prompts for ad authenticated user

    We are having a problem with a few users (6-10 out of 125 currently) where even though the user is logged into the domain they are getting prompted by Outlook for a user name and password. A cancel of the dialog will not put Outlook offline. Entering domain\user & password in the Outlook dialog is not accepted, even with the remember box checked. Nothing has changed on the Exchange server nor the DCs with the exception of some updates and this problem didn't start right after updating either.

    I have tried to re-sync these accounts by resetting the PW from a DC with them logged out or the PC locked and Outlook shutdown, then log back in and open Outlook. Worked for some but not others.

    We are a 2000 AD domain running Win03/Exchange 6.5 with user clients running Outlook 2003 & 2007. We have a pretty simple set of GPOs password security, WSUS, domain admin rename a few key application being pushed (problem started long after or before the last changes) with a few OUs for PC and user accounts.

    I need to get to the root and fix this. I have looked in the DC and exchange server logs but do not see anything I can tell is pointing to the problem.

    Any ideas, where do I start to look?

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    Re: Outlook prompts for ad authenticated user

    one common problem I have on my network is users, when accessing OWA will click the "save password", then their password expires, thus saving an incorrect cached password on the machine. Try clearing any cached passwords for that server and have them try it again..

    Another thing that I have seen.. and only with Outlook 2007, but using negotiate authentication doesnt work. changing it to password authentication does. You do this under account settings -> more settings
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      Re: Outlook prompts for ad authenticated user

      Also (with RPC/HTTPS), changing from Basic to NTLM authentication can remove this dialog
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        Re: Outlook prompts for ad authenticated user

        I have a similar problem to which I have not found a solution. I am using Exchange 2007; the client is Outlook 2007 running on XP pro spk3. If Outlook is left open on the desktop (time will vary but never less than an hour) a request for the user to log back in pops up. This pop-up will not accept the user credentials even though they are logged into the domain. Cancelling the login request prevents further communication with Exchange. However, with that said if they exit Outlook and restart it, they regain access. Additionally, when the Outlook client looses connection to Exchange, the user can open a browser; log into exchange using OWA just fine. Resetting or changing the user password produces negitive results. I have deleted and recreated the client profile and tried all three authentication methods with similar results. I have about 300 users and this is only happening to a handful of users. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.