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Can't assign a relative ID

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  • Can't assign a relative ID

    Hi everyone,

    I tried to join a machine to the domain today, and I got this strange error message and I can't find anything in the event logs or on google that helps me solve this problem.

    I ask the machine to join the domain, it asks for the credentials of a domain admin, and then I get the message : Can't assign a Relative ID to this machine.

    Anyone else ever had this error and if so could you resolve it ?
    thnx in advance


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    Re: Can't assign a relative ID

    The exact error message in English is :

    The directory service was unable to allocate a relative identifier.


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      Re: Can't assign a relative ID

      Ok guys, never mind...

      I just found 2 ancient DC's in the NTDS replication, cleaned this.
      I also found out that the one called Primary DC wasn't a primary, so with NTDSutil -> roles I let that server seize control of all roles again.
      The server that had this role assigned was one of the ancients.

      I was able to join the PC to the domain again.