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S2K3 AD and POP3 Migration New Server

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  • S2K3 AD and POP3 Migration New Server

    Good evening folks,

    I have not performed this type of migration before - looking for some tips please.

    1 Server with 2003 Server, Active Directory and POP3. (only 1 domain)

    I will be migrating Active Directory and POP3 from a single AD Domain Controller to a newer server -
    and totally removing the current server from production. The domain name will stay the same.
    This will be to dissimilar hardware.

    Could anyone please provide me with links or information on Best practices or step by step
    backup and restore procedures for Active Directory and POP3 email - to dissimilar hardware -
    and what I might expect.

    I need to ensure that I keep the same domain, SIDS, GUIDS, etc...


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    Re: S2K3 AD and POP3 Migration New Server

    Good Morning ,

    It is really bad to have other services on the Domain Controller / Active Directory Server.

    I recommend that ...

    It is better to promote your next server as an Adittional Domain Controller. It will help you to transfer your FSMO roles on new wished AD server.

    Leave POP3 on OLD Server ... if not possible then migrate pop3 Server after AD promotion