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cross-forest resource access

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  • cross-forest resource access

    I'm working opn the planning stages of a migration for one of our clients.. global Windows 2000 forest, with 1 root domain, and 4 sub domains based on continental locations.

    Our proposal is a new forest, single domain, OUs based on the existing structure, and delegating authority where appropriate. We'll use ADMT to migrate the data.

    AS it's a big move, it's being staged, one site at a time.

    My question therefore relates to maintaining resource accesses between the new forest, and the existing forest and domains.

    currently, trusts, and is trusted by, each subdomain, ie AU,US,UK,EU
    but the other domains don't trust each other (US doesn't trust UK)
    the trusts are transitative.

    I know 2k native won't do cross-forest trusts, so i need to do a trust between each domain and the new domain and make it transitative.

    however, to maintain access whilst the domains are migrated, what would be the best way to ensure resources in the source domains can still trust resources already migrated, adn vice versa.. ?
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