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ADMT 2003 Intra-Forest Computer migration

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  • ADMT 2003 Intra-Forest Computer migration

    Hi. I have already completed all group and user migration intraforest to a new domain. Went quite well. I am now ready to move computer accounts but I am not sure which options to use on the translate options screen. The workstations are XP SP2. The odd one may have a printer shared but other than that there should be no file shares. There are 7 options. Files and Folders, Local Groups, Printers, Registry, Shares, User Profiles, User Rights. The users are all already logging onto the new domain without issue. As the next step after the workstations are moved what setting would I use on my servers ie: File and Printer server, Terminal Server? If I mess up a workstation that is not a big deal. If I mess up the file server which has all the shares and all the printers or the terminal servers then I'll be re-assigned or will have to resign in a hurry. I can't seem to find much info on this.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: ADMT 2003 Intra-Forest Computer migration

    why don't you identify a couple of test workstations (like your own) and test the different options.. sure it's a bit of work.. but at least you'll know you've found what's best for your environment..
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