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Local admin permissions when not connected to domain

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  • Local admin permissions when not connected to domain

    Hi guys...

    I have a "problem" that makes me curious

    Im running a 2003 AD and win7 on my laptop. I have not tested if the same thing happens with a vista/XP client.

    The thing is this:

    My domain account is domain admin so I have full admin privileges on my computer... but... if I log on the same domain account offline (At home without vpn, airport etc...) I cannot install software that requires admin privileges.
    Same this also happens if I unplug the network cable when logged on the domain.

    When checking my domain account under "Control panel - user accounts-User Accounts" The domain useraccount is a member of the administrators group...
    But still... I lose administrative privileges when unplugging the network cable...

    Is this a know behavior? Can I get around it somehow?
    Greetings from
    Petter C.

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    Re: Local admin permissions when not connected to domain

    Not sure if win7 IS different, but certainly on an xp machine it would store the domain profile locally so you CAN access it offline with the relevent permissions.

    Best thing to you said you haven't already tried it with a xp/vista pc, is to do just that, to try and find if the issues is just local to the win7 pc.

    Good luck.