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  • domain controller question


    I need some help, so here goes:

    We have a windows 2000/2003 domain. A windows 2003 domain controllers hard drives is failing and long story short, we would like to replace the failing hard drive of this server and reinstall the servers operating system.

    Because the server is not quite failed yet, would someone please be able to tell me what needs to be done before formatting the server? I don't think the server has the global catalog or fsmo roles but I also am not sure how to verify this, as if it was I would l think I need to transfer these roles to another server. Also, do I need to demote the server to a regular member? Again, I really appreciate any help with steps on this. I am trying my best to research this on the net, I really wish I had my mcse now.

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    Re: domain controller question

    1. Yes, you do need to move any GC and FMSO roles over
    3 Roles can be found by using AD Users and Computers console (see Operations Masters by right click the domain name level)
    1 role can be found using the Schema console (register the schmmgt.dll first)
    1 role can be found in the AD Domains and Trusts conle
    GC can be found in the NTDS Settings properties in AD Sites and Services console.
    Also make sure other DCs have DNS service installed as well as you may loose it on the original.

    2. Then run the DCPromo.exe command on the server to decommission to remove it as a DC.
    3. Use Add or Remove Windows Components to remove DNS service.


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      Re: domain controller question


      Do you only have one domain controller?

      If that is the case then you defenetly need one more for this operation to be successfull.

      If you have two or more

      If the DC has one or more FSMO roles installed, move them to another Domain Controller

      To determine the FSMO roles in the domain:netdom query /domain:YOURDOMAIN fsmo

      Then Move the roles that is hosted by your failing DC.

      Best pratice:

      If you only one DC you need to add one

      If you have to add a DC remember to WAIT for everything to be replicated, to sure wait atleast 2-3h, In theory 15 min shoukd be enough, but that just isnt enough

      Then dcpromo the failing DC remove it as a domain controller, change disc reinstall do some magic, install it dcpromo to DC and move some of the role back to the DC if needed.