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Creating a Disjoint Namespace

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  • Creating a Disjoint Namespace

    Hi all,

    I need to create a Disjoint Namespace for a domain.
    I was looking around the web and couldn't find an how-to document that will explain the process step-by-step
    if you have some info on how this is done I would appreciate it

    I found this: and
    but no how-to…


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    Re: Creating a Disjoint Namespace


    As long as you have tested that all your applications that use AD/DNS some way are working in a Domain with disjoint namespace, it is quite simple.

    Add the primary DNS domain and the allowed disjoint domains to the attribute:msDS-AllowedDNSSuffixes

    Then you need to configure the clients in some way GPO/Regstery etc.

    More info can be found in:

    Good Luck


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      Re: Creating a Disjoint Namespace

      fill me in:
      disjointed namespace: this is where I might have a domain called irrational.logic that I log on to, with a DC called Server01.irrational.logic as it's AD name space

      but then have a separate dns name space, say illogical.void ?

      am i on the right track ?>
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        Re: Creating a Disjoint Namespace

        Maybe you could explain your current setup and explain what you're trying to achieve.