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Make Description field non optional

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  • Make Description field non optional


    I am trying to find a way to make the description field mandatory.

    My first initial thought was to change the attribute for the User/Group/OU classes, but the attribute "Description" is inherited from the class "top" doing something there might be a bad idea.

    Secondly it doesn't seem to be possible to make default attributes mandatory since that option isn't available.

    Is there some that have implemented mandatory description field, or some one who might know how to do it ?

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    Re: Make Description field non optional

    I would aviod at any cost trying to enforce it via schema. Just thnk about applications that during installation create service accounts - all those will fail.

    I'd implement some provisioning system for account creation with it's own logic and would proactively scan the AD for user objects lacking the attribute.

    Why would you want something like this ?
    Guy Teverovsky
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