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AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please

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  • AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please

    Hi I am changing few things around at my work. Previously there were 3 mapped drives in Active Directory with every user account and now we changed that to one as it was pretty slow.
    And in that one drive we have created a folders specific to each department. And set up the permissions on root folder i.e (Inow if a user from one dept connects to the mapped drive he only sees the folder related to his department like HR. IF a user is related to 2 departments he will see 2 folders like HR and Marketing.

    Can anyone explain me what are the various risks associated with it?

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    Re: AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please

    Cmmon Guys 29 views an no replies...need a lil helpppppp hereeeeeeeeee please


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      Re: AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please

      One serious risk is getting banned for bumping posts.
      Please note we volunteer help and all have real-life to take up at least some of our time, so if you don't get an immediate answer, please don't hassle everyone.

      If you want help to a particular timescale, phone Microsoft (have a credit card handy) and they will be pleased to help you!

      With regards to your problem, as I understand it, you have changed from separate departmental shares (mapped to drive letters) to a single share (with departmental folders) controlled by NTFS permissions.

      Personally, I cannot see any issues or problems with this -- it is a fairly standard practice
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        Re: AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please


        I would say that the only risk is if you missed any permissions.

        Are you working with share permissions or are you using Access based enumeration.?

        Share permission can be a pain in the but to administrate,

        I peronally think ABE is easier since you can manage with only NTFS permission.

        Beside from that, hmm the risk of the drive not being mapped cause of drive already in use, this is always a risk

        This is quite common, so the risks are slim
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          Re: AD Security and drive mapping. Help Please

          thnx for your reply guys .. appreciate it a lot .. I had a timeline to finish this task ... so thts why i was bit worried about it, otherwise um a lot more patient than this. thnx a lot .. and um using ABE. as far as there is one risk i thought of and that was like if the permissions are not right at the root share... it kinda messes the whole share. the users can map to root share. Please correct me here if i am wrong.
          thnx again guys