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  • Retrieve PDL Details


    I need to get the list of all the users who belong to any Distribution List (i.e. PDL).

    I need to mention here that I am able to get the details of a group but not the Distribution List.
    The email id of a Distribution list (eg. DLName) will be
    But the email id of a Group (eg. GROUPName) will be

    How I retrieve details of group is:

    DirectoryEntry group = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://,ou=groups,", null, null, AuthenticationTypes.FastBind);
    foreach (object dn1 in group.Properties["member"])

    This code gives me the detail of all the users who belong to the group called GroupUSER_Name.

    What I want to get is the list of all the users who belong to a PDL (Distribution List)

    I am able to check if there is any pdl which exists or not. But I am not able to get the list of all the members who belong to the particular PDL.
    The LDAP path for the same is:

    LDAP://[email protected],ou=Email,ou=Services,o=company

    Could you please help me how to get the details?