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Setting up a new Windows 2003 Cluster

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  • Setting up a new Windows 2003 Cluster

    need some advice please!
    Am about to setup a new Domain using AD.
    We have 3 sites within the company and are going to use a Quad processor windows 2003 cluster server to host AD and File and print for all 3 sites! (Also, some sql databases and other applications)
    We have 2Mb lines between each site.
    Having read up on AD, have come to the conclusion that this will not be feasible, as there would be alot of network traffic for the login and file and print services.
    Am I right in thinking this? Or will this solution work?
    I have about 120 users over the 3 sites.
    I will also need to setup DNS and DHCP on the same server!
    Advice much appreciated!

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    There few options that you will need to check:

    1. How much data from active directory will change each day? For example, if each day you will create new accounts, the replication will
    Take more band width.

    2. Application - How much data will be change/add to the file server each day? The same is for the SQL...

    3. How many "hops" will the internet line will have to cross? Is there extra
    Overhead on VPN etc.?

    4. Is the users will use internet from central location? If so, user can
    Download one file and stack the network for example.

    Usually you will find out that Active Directory isnít something that takes lots of band width.
    The main issues are: File Servers, Applications, DNS, and Internet etc.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Setting up a new Windows 2003 Cluster

      thank you
      it is great