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Automatic field population when using ADUC

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  • Automatic field population when using ADUC


    I could be going mad, but I'm sure that in the past I used a method whereby when using the graphical user interface to create users (Active Directory Users and Computers -> New -> User) I could modify the automatic field completion.

    For example, upon entering information into the "First Name" and "Last Name" field, the Full name field is automatically completed. I had extended this to also completing the "User logon name" field. I also remember it was customisable, such that I could automatically fill in using various methods, such as "First Name" space "Last Name" or "FirstName""first letter of Last name".

    So, am I going mad or is this possible? I know for sure that I didn't write a script, and my memory says I did something like edit a template and use variables like %j... Oh, it was all so simple years ago when my memory wasn't failing me

    Anyway, it would be great is there is any method to auto-complete "User logon name" based on First name and Last name as this would really speed up account provision and help reduce errors too.

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    Re: Automatic field population when using ADUC

    I think you're going to have to script this. The only variable I know of working is %username%
    GoogleFu is strong with this one ^


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      Re: Automatic field population when using ADUC

      I think you are confusing AD with Exchange, where you can generate email addresses to a template using placeholders like %s%g

      AFAIK there is no way of doing this natively in AD
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        Re: Automatic field population when using ADUC

        To change the full name so it displays last name, first name in AD, check this link:

        If you use the givenName variable, it is case-sensitive.

        Not sure how to autopopulate the UserID field.


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          Re: Automatic field population when using ADUC

          Ok, cheers. I guess I'll have to look into writing my own user creation program. Joy. Very annoying when they already do it for some fields but don't give any way to change how it works! Thats going to cost the client a whole bunch extra...