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Active Directory across gateways

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  • Active Directory across gateways

    Hi, I'm wanting to setup a Active Directory DC for a department in a university so that they can easier share files and have unique domain logins. The problem is that the offices for the department are spread out over a building and are on several different Default Gateways. I can access them on different gateways via direct IP input and network shares, but they don't appear in the same network neighborhood. Is there some way I can get them all in the same network short of vpn or a hardware change?

    I'm not super familiar with how my uni has it's network setup, but everything seems to be in the same network just connected to different routers.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Active Directory across gateways

    If you want them to all show up in Network Neighborhood, you'll need to implement WINS.