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  • ADMT - time to run ?

    And other assorted questions....

    We're planning a side-by-side migration from an existing 2000 native mode forest, into an entirely new forest.

    1) Does anyone know any way to test how long ADMT might take to run ? I'm talking about a C:\windows\ntds folder size of around 225MB if that helps.
    2) our structure consists of a global domain, then a subdomain for each region. The site we are targetting first is a site within a sub domain (call it If we only want to do the specific items at that site, like users and computers, we'd have to specify which items we were migrating, correct ?
    3) If we were migrating that Dc at the site, as long as there were other DCs in the domain reachable (even if thye were at a separate site) we shouldn't have an issue, right? it just needs to be able to reach both the source and target DCs ?

    I' im the middle of reading the ADMT migratio nguide.. I've just got alot to read and a lot to do, and think..
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