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Create child domain -> failed

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  • Create child domain -> failed


    I have a problem

    My root domain: INF and the root domain controller: zeus.
    I have another domain (tree) in the forest: CAB. The domain controller: apollo. I'd like to create a child domain under the CAB domain.

    -Domain Controller for a new domain
    -Child domain in an existing domain tree
    -The child domain's dns name: WIN.CAB.X.Y
    "The wizzard is configuring AD..." and ask the zeus's user, password and domain.
    And then:
    "The operation failed because: Managing the network session with \\apolo.CAB.X.Y failed."
    "The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed."

    Can you help me?


    ps: sorry, my English is too poor

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    Could be a number of things. Most likely:

    1. DNS
    2. DNS
    3. DNS
    4. Network problems (protocols blocked by router/fw).

    So, if you are sure that your network is fully transparant, go check DNS. All DC's should be able to find all domains and all hosts.