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single-label domain name s?

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  • single-label domain name s?

    am I misunderstanding this.
    We';re looking at OCS, however I have inherited a domain named company.local.

    so I've got ServerA.Company.Local
    now by my reckoning, this isn't a single-label domain name, because it has a 'TLD' and a 'domain' name, and a 'hostname'

    am i on th ewrong track ? (Obviously, a .local is not great, and not recommended, but one thing at a time.. i really dont have the inclination to rebuild an entire domain jus tnow..)

    could I get away with using company.local with OCS?

    I've found this:
    and it looks like the guy will be using the .Local domain and it'll work ok, except for external resolution. it also mentions choosing a sip domain.. could we arguably choose just our publicly registered .com domain s the sip domain ? (and then instead of logging on as [email protected] i would log on as [email protected]) ??
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    Re: single-label domain name s?

    I setup a test VHD deployment and rolled out OCS and communicator clients and it all worked ok. My test domain was a private one and not a valid domain name.

    I used articles from the Technet site to get me going.