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problem with external trust

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  • problem with external trust

    i have set up external trust for 2 windows 2003 dc in a forest(?)

    1st dc -
    2nd dc -

    both dc are in a private ip environment connected thru vpn

    after setup the 2 way external trust in Active Directory Domains and Trust
    i am able to locate resources from dca in dcb
    however, while i am in dca, i am unable to locate resources in dcb

    i have performed nslookup on nslookup on dcb and it seems to be able to get the correct ip for dca. However, while i tried to nslookup for dcb in dca, it failed to get the correct ip.

    It seems like i need to do some forward lookup, am I right?
    thanks in advance for your help
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    Re: problem with external trust

    You could setup a conditional forwarder for the other domain address. This can point at the authoritative DNS server for the other domain.