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  • Offline Global Catalog Server

    This is about a Global Catalog problem I'm having.
    You see, the first DC (let's call it DC1) in my tree started
    experiencing network problems. So I reformatted DC1 and reinstalled
    its OS. I was able to create another DC (let's call this DC2)
    beforehand but I was unable to assign DC2 as a GC server.

    When I was seizing the FSMO roles, I could not seize the domain naming
    master role because the server to hold that role must be a GC server.
    I already checked the GC check box in AD-Sites-and-Services but when
    I use ldp.exe to check if DC2 is indeed a GC, I find out it's not
    (because of the string "isGlobalCatalogReady:FALSE")

    Is there any way I can make DC2 a GC?


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    I didnt check it, but you can check this trick:

    1. Backup the server.
    2. Force the new DC to be GC

    3. Reboot the new DC Twice.

    4. Wait 2 HR and check if there new FC start to work.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Offline Global Catalog Server

      Thanks for the quick reply yuval14! =)

      I'll try this trick today and update you on the results.


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        Re: GC

        Hi Yuval14!

        Can you please give me the details on how to implement step 2?

        "2. Force the new DC to be GC"

        I read the article in Microsoft's Technet but I can't seem to find out exactly how to do it. I feel kinda lost. Sorry.


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          I have finally solved my problem with the GC.

          I have encountered in several articles that the Infrastructure Master role residing on a GC is not advisable on multi domain forests. This is because the IM will not update its records.

          It does not say in any of my encountered literature that you will not be able to seize the Domain Naming Master role on the same server that is already IM.

          What I did was to setup another DC for my domain (DC3), transferred the IM role to that new server and made DC2 seize the Domain Naming Master role. (This produced errors before and would not proceed with the seizure). This time, however, everything proceeded smoothly.

          The DNM role was successfully transferred! Then, using LDP.EXE I checked DC2 if it is broadcasting itself as a GC. And sure enough, it is!

          I was now able to delete an orphaned domain from AD and was able to create a new domain with the same name.

          Just because I transferred the IM role to another server...geesh!


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            Thanks for sharing the information
            Good Luck


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            So, from me to all of you out there, wherever you are, remember:
            the light at the end of the tunnel may be you. Good Day!