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Best Active directory topology

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  • Best Active directory topology

    We have 5 branch office and one Head office. All connected with MPLS with 2mpbs bandwidth with redundant link. On each branch office we have around 7 servers need to deploy for new setup windows 2008.
    Head office has old setup with windows 2003 with sp2 and exchange 2003 sp2.
    At Head office has just single domain and only one default site.

    My concern is to know what is the best topology we need to adopt at branch offices for Active directory and exchange administration separately.

    If you need more please ask me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Best Active directory topology

    Do the branch offices have a DC? Are they in the domain?

    Are you asking for star & bus topology?

    If you ae looking for the AD implementation design then the answer is - each branch if at a far location would need to have its own virtual site. Depending on how many users and how much reduncy do you need. You may have a DC at each site if its feasable.

    I hope this answers your question.
    AD Admin


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      Re: Best Active directory topology

      When using multiple sites, each site should have at least one DC that is configured as a Global Catalog (GC). If you do not want to do that, and considering you're using Win2003 and above, you ***should*** probably implement Universal Group Membership Caching. Otherwise, if the WAN link is down, users in the site might not be able to log in.

      Daniel Petri
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        Re: Best Active directory topology

        In the remote sites, I would be inclined to add a RODC rather than a DC - cross-site inconsistencies, although rare, can be a pain in the butt.
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