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AD - Linux Computer Object - Last Login

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  • AD - Linux Computer Object - Last Login

    Hello everyone.

    I am using SmoothWall Network Guardian web proxy in my AD 2003 environment. I have one master and one slave at the main site, and two slaves located at two remote sites. All of these proxies are VMs and were installed using the ISO provided by SmoothWall.

    We are using the MoveOldComputers.vbs script by Richard L. Mueller (v 1.3) which disables and moves inactive computer objects.

    For whatever reason, only the one slave proxy located at our main site is purged everyone month. The "password last set:" field always shows 1/1/1601.

    The only difference that I can see between all of the computer objects (all of them are located in the default Computers OU) is that the problem slave object does not list the host name in the DNS name field under the General tab in the computer object properties. The other objects show the host name. I have confirmed in DNS that there is a host record and reverse record for the computer object however.

    I have rebuilt the proxy at least 8 times from scratch but the problem persists.

    I understand that I should ask the vendor however, the company that I work for did not pay for a support contract.

    Has anyone ever run into a problem similiar to this before?