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Help demoting windows 2003 ad

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  • Help demoting windows 2003 ad

    Hi everyone,

    I am desperately lookin for help, my organisation bought a new server and I needed to move ad from the old box to the new one.
    I read on the internet and did:

    Make the new box replicating the old one
    transfer all fsmo roles
    then Remove dsn from the old one
    then running dcpromo on the old box
    that where things get really bad for me as I keep having an error message saying :
    "The box indicating that this domain controller is the last domain controller for your domain is unchecked. However, no other domain controllers for that domain can be contacted."

    Remember I still have my replicating server running
    I would really like to solve this issue, is there a way to promote replica servers to pdc?
    If I just remove the old box from the network will the Replica take over?
    Please Help


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    Re: Help demoting windows 2003 ad

    On the old server, have you set it to use the new server in the DNS settings of the NIC? Set the old server as the primary and the new server as the secondary and try again.


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      Re: Help demoting windows 2003 ad

      How do I reset the old server as Primary?
      Thank you for your answer.


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        Re: Help demoting windows 2003 ad

        TCP/IP properties of the NIC connecting the server to the network, where you gave it a static IP address.
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          Re: Help demoting windows 2003 ad

          Yes I gave it a static ip like :
          and I made it dsn server.