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  • admodify tip

    Hey all,

    I have used admodify in the past to re home profile/home folders etc though i need to input unique attributes this time IE mobile numbers etc.

    Can admodify feed from an excel sheet or similar and if so how? i cannot find anything on petri or the web for this.

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    Re: admodify tip

    Your post is quite vague in that you don't mention what version of admodify, or Windows, but in any case have you tried the admodify documentation?

    Google suggests that no, you can't - what it turns up are people saying "no, use this instead". Try CSVDE.
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      Re: admodify tip

      I don't think ADModify can do it. I've looked at the various options and help pages and can't find anything that suggestes that it can.

      If I'm not mistaken CSVIDE can only import and export but can't modify AD objects. LDFIDE can import, export, and modify AD objects so that's probably your best bet.


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        Re: admodify tip

        yea i looked at the admodify documentation and all it says is the use of the pre existing variables.

        anyways i will have a look at the other commands suggested as i dont want to manually punch them in through ADUC