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  • change password with web page

    is it possible to change user passwords with webpage or form.

    there are two authentication method in our project. one is active directory,other is database.

    if user is authenticated from active directory,it is ok, not authenticated then method is try to database(sometimes active directory not response).
    everything is ok,
    - user wants to change passwords ,users done but we could not synchrone to active directory to database(oracle), because of actice directory' s has passwords which is one way hashing.

    so is it possible to changing password with webpage and then modify to active directory and to database.(I suppose there are windows 2000,could not how to do)

    or how to know users passwords in active directory to write to database

    thanks to replies

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    Re: change password with web page

    You can have passwords stored using reversible encryption in the domain, but that is not advisable.

    Yes, you can create a webpage (using PHP, ASP or other technology) that can modify an AD user's pasword - as Google told you when you searchedAnd having it store the password to the Oracle database would be easy - Google told you that too.

    I'd suggest though you review your requirements and see if you really need to have two sources for authentication - wherever possible you should avoid duplicating data, not least because of the problems that can arise when you get inconsistencies between the two databases. Whatever application you have based around the Oracle database can likely be rewritten to authenticate against Active Directory, while still storing other data in the database. All you would then need would be references in the database to AD user accounts. If you have problems with AD not responding, then I would suggest you need to investigate why.
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      Re: change password with web page

      thanks,your suggestions.