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2 domains on the same subnet

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  • 2 domains on the same subnet

    What configurations are needed to have 2 domain controllers ( from 2 different domains on the same network)?

    I guess i have to configure the 2 DNS Servers and the DHCP also.

    Can you help me?

    Best Regards.

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    Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

    How many PCs and users are on each domain?

    I know that each domain controller will have to be separated for sure, you might be able to run both DHCP and DNS roles on the same server as your domain controller. You could also potentially, run 2 virtual instances of both domain controllers on the same server using ESXi by VMWare. However, this all depends on the size of your subnet and how many nodes will be in use.

    DHCP might be a bit tricky though, but I'm sure someone else can shed some light on it.

    Just throwing some thoughts out there.
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      Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

      There's noting to worry about as long as the NETBIOS names differ.


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        Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

        You can configure two different domains without any problem. There can be two separate Domain Controllers, two separate DNS but I think that you cannot have two DHCP on the same network.

        Pls check the following link.




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          Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

          You can configure 2 DNS server for the domains and of course you have to choose different NetBIOS names.
          On the same subnet only one DHCP can assigns IPs because the DHCP servers not sharing information (and DHCP cannot replicate with other DHCP)


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            Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

            As long as your DHCP ranges are different, no overlap, you'll be cool.

            What ranges were you thinking of using???


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              Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

              Surely DHCP is not domain aware, so if you have two servers in two domains, a client in either domain could pick up an IP from either server?
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                Re: 2 domains on the same subnet

                Actually Tom does have a very valid point.

                Well to be honest Tom is right lol.

                Maybe the best thing to do is re-evaluate what you are thinking about doing.