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Users inactive or have not been connected ever

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  • Users inactive or have not been connected ever

    Hey, do not speak English very well but I will try

    I have 2003 server

    You will see I have users that behave differently, some users are
    that connect every day and work on a network, others are external users
    entering other websites and are users who have e-mail address
    and connect to our server via Outlook email.
    I want to get users who have not entered into our server in 6 months
    and do not like, because I have multiple paths.
    - See inactive for that use dsquery user-inactive 27
    - See the Password Last September from a date (eg 31/12/2008
    serious "(& (objectCategory = person) (objectClass = user) (pwdLastSet <= 128751480000000000))"-attr name PwdLast
    - See Last Logon
    It is not the best method, I think the view of the inactive but I find the following cases
    Password Last Set: 01/04/2008 11:10:15
    Password Expires: 30/06/2008 11:10:15
    Last Login: 01/04/2008 11:10:15
    Last Logoff: 01/04/2008 11:10:15
    Password Last Set: 12/01/2007 13:41:38
    Password Expires: 12/04/2007 13:41:38
    Last Login: 12/01/2007 13:41:38
    Last Logoff: 12/01/2007 13:41:38
    Password Last Set: 16/12/2008 11:19:04
    Password Expires: 16/03/2009 11:19:04
    Last Login: No Value in September
    Last Logoff: No Value in September
    I understand the following:
    In these cases 1 and 2 are connected on the day that you and I have not become more connected to
    In case 3 has not been connected ever
    but has been able to enter the mail and send and receive all this time and this has not reflected the Additional Account Info?
    I can not understand where the fields are updated and Last Last Login Logoff. Is there a page explaining in detail where these points?

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