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Duplicate record somewhere?

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  • Duplicate record somewhere?

    I am running a Server 2003 domain with about 130 nodes. I could not remote in to one particular computer starting one day even though I could ping it. Anyway, I ended up changing the computer name from LAF-FrankB to LAF-Frank. After doing this I was again able to remote into it. The problem I am having is that now I can still ping the old name and it returns the same IP address as the good name. Both names return the same IP. I deleted the DNS record for the bad name. DHCP, WINS, and DNS all reflect the correct name. Is there somewhere else I can look to clear out old records? I have already released and renewed the IP, as well as flushed his DNS. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Duplicate record somewhere?

    Make sure you deleted the PTR record as well in reverse DNS and flushed DNS on the server as well as locally on the client. Enable scavenging as well. Its a good way maintain DNS hygiene.