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    My whole company is changing our IT structure which leaves me with a serious problem.

    I would love to modify a users name in active directory and then find that the user (using vista) will logon with their old desktop and that their local user folder changes name or atleast retains 100% of the info for programs installed previously.

    I had heard of a way were you can force the user to logon but the desktop and folder are launched on the AD windows 2003 server (is this roaming profiles?). With this done you can modify the name and all gets changed. Then you can revert to the old logon process and the info gets transferred to the local machine.

    Anyone heard of this or any ideas on my best route?

    The idea of creating a new user breaks my heart just from the amount of folder permissions I would have to redo.

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    Re: User Profiles

    Nothing? No ideas


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      Re: User Profiles

      Mmm, it seems to have slipped through the cracks but I also have trouble understanding what you are trying to do.

      Roaming Profiles have nothing to do with changing a Users name. What it does is give them the same destop configuration no matter what computer they logon to withing the network.

      Perhaps you could explain in greater detail what structure is being changed from and to and why this is causing you to break your heart.

      What operating systems are being used, how many users are in the network and is it a single site or are there branch offices. Give as much details and information as possible. Ta.
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        Re: User Profiles

        Thanks for the response.

        The issue is that.

        1. The usernames of all my users have to be changed. This is because in the past users where assigned dept specific prefaces to their initials.. so as an example bob smith from accounting would be assigned accbs. The higher powers have now changed the structure of the company and so departments such as accounting get a flashy new name change. This means I have to change the username inline with new company politics.

        2. As you can guess the thought of creating a new user and deleting the old one sends me into spasms from a 'must install user specific software again' and all the permissions on the servers i.e. file sharing.

        3. With the users using Xp in the past it was a blast as you could change the name and let them live with the local folder user folder name being the old one as the folder was linked by number and not name so a user who was accbs and changed through the active directory to bob_smith would still be ok even if his local user folder remained accbs.. The problems of the user specific files could be copied and pasted into the all users folder and job done.

        4. with vista I have hit the problem that once i change the username in active directory I don't get the all users folder to find the old desktop, files on the local machine.

        How is it possible for me to change a user on active directory (win 2003 server) and have the local user pc's user folder modified (for a better name) to show this change so the user has his local desktop and files?

        My silly idea about roaming profiles was, if i had my user on a roaming profile would it change the local users folder easier as it could be done through roaming and then change the user backl to non roaming (i haven't played with roaming profiles so i know nothing about them or even if it would maintain the user change and propogarte back down to the local pc). I don't, I'm just lost. I could try to modify the registry for each user but it seems time consuming to search out all references for the old username and change it to the new name plus risky.

        Any ideas would be great as I really don't want to start from scratch with new users.
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          Re: User Profiles

          Rename the user account(s), In the same time rename the profile/homedirectory folder in server move \\servername\sharename\oldusername \\servername\sharename(assuming same server)\newuseraccount" . change profilepath and homedirectory attributes to new vaule "\\servername\sharename(assuming same server)\newuseraccount" for the pilot users.
          Ask one user to login and he should get the profile from server as mentioned in AD. This will create new profile for users in desktop.
          I haven't tried this one yet, i am sure this will work out.


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            Re: User Profiles

            Further to the suggestions, when you rename the AD User account including display name, logon name etc., users will still have permisisons as normal to local files and folders and permissions to other network shares and so on.

            You don't need to change the folder names necessarily but may be a good idea to prevent confusion in future.


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              Re: User Profiles

              ok i have done some tests and changing the login name seems to work fine enough as is. and hanks balasat but i've decided not to try the roaming profiles back to local profiles route it was just a thought to use them as a transitional point hoping folder names would change. And to be honest the idea of doing this for all the users sounds like too much work

              now.. does anyone know of a way to rename the local users folder name.. is it foolish to just pop into the registry and manually change it in the pofile list from the old name to the new? how much of a mess could i make?

              or does anyone know of any third party software that could rename the user profile folder name on their local pc account
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                Re: User Profiles

                Has the local user's folder name not changed? If I was you, I would leave it as it is. Should you have profiles on the server, it would be a worthwhile excercise. With them being local, I would have thought you'll be ok to leave it.


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                  Re: User Profiles

                  the folder name on the users local machine has not changed inline with the username change in AD. Remember i am not using home drectories on the server. All their user profile folders are with them not with me.

                  Everything still works as the redirection is based on the Sid number and not the actual username. If all else fails then I will leave it as the old users ghost name but if i could change it then it would be slightly neater