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Child Domain Decommission.

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  • Child Domain Decommission.

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    I have a child domain hosted on a single W2K3 server(hence the decommission request ) I want to decommission this server/domain and move the existing objects to the parent domain. I do want to make this decommissioned server another DC for the parent domain. I'm hoping that DCPROMO will run as smoothly as it it should, however are there any "gotchas" that I'm missing ? What are the recommend sequence of steps ? Any helpful advice/articles/links would be great. So far I have list of steps, in sequential order:

    Test forest-wide replication. Importantly test replication from DC to Domain Naming Master role holder in parent domain.
    Run ADMT against all computer and user accounts. Verify profile migration of each user's profile.
    DCPROMO box and select "..last dc in domain..."
    wait at least 24 hours ( my own preference when dealing with major AD changes)
    rename computer and DCPROMO to " dc in existing forest/domain"

    It's been a while so my exact phrasing may be off.