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Naming information can not be found!

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  • Naming information can not be found!

    I've two DCs' in one domain. The first DC is the main one with all roles and the second DC is also a GC.

    When I tried to access 'Active Directory Users and Computers' on the second DC while keeping the first DC off, I'm getting the following message: "Naming information can not be located: because the specified Domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." But, users can still authenticate through the second DC. But, as soon as the first DC is up, i can access active directory on second DC.

    Is it related to the FSMO roles?

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    Re: Naming information can not be found!

    It would be related to the FSMO roles if you were resetting a password etc. PDC role is often used when checking details should the logon be refused at the required number of attempts or the password needs to be changed and so on.

    It sounds to me that AD Users and Computers is pointing at the other DC. If it allows you to open it, right click on the root node and then there is an otpion to change the location to the DC it sits on.