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SYSVOL GET_DFS_REFERRAL and Userenv errors 2k8 and 2k8 AD

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  • SYSVOL GET_DFS_REFERRAL and Userenv errors 2k8 and 2k8 AD

    I am having issues browsing sysvol from 2003 member servers to the 2008 AD servers., the visible error is Userenv errors in the event log but under investigation I am finding some strange and more serious issues with sysvol and need another pair of eyes.

    DCs: SIteOne
    DC1.bob.local; Server 2003 Global Cat
    DC2.bob.local; Server 2003 Global Cat

    DC3.bob.local; Server 2008 Global Cat

    DC4.bob.local; Server 2008 Global Cat and holds all the FSMO roles.

    Domain functional level: Windows Server 2003.


    1) Userenv unable to apply the group policy errors on most of the member servers.
    2) If I run gpotool on a 2003 member server you get Error: DC1.bob.local - DC3.bob.local sysvol mismatch.

    What I have done / seen so far:

    I selected a 2k3 member server and run Wireshark on my attempts to browse SYSVOL.
    So I can see SMB, Microsoft-ds and netbios sessions all look good, my error is with the GET_DFS_REFERRAL for the file \bob.local\SYSVOL NT Status STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE. This is repeated a number of times as the member server retires.

    This got me looking at DFS and thinking something in the namespace is broken so I tested with \\bob.local.\SYSVOL ie with the <dot> on the end and I can browse with no issues.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Re: SYSVOL GET_DFS_REFERRAL and Userenv errors 2k8 and 2k8 AD

    Can you browse from all servers to all servers Sysvol folder? Can you browse by FQDN of the domain (\\bob.local\sysvol) on all servers (psst. you don't need the period at the end)? From what you're telling me it seems as though it's getting confused as to accessing the shares. Can you apply user GP's at all? Can you apply machine GP's?

    You might want to run these on the servers with issues.

    dfsutil /pktflush
    dfsutil /spcflush
    dfsutil /purgemupcache

    After all Sysvol is just a dfs for the domain gpo and scrips.
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      Re: SYSVOL GET_DFS_REFERRAL and Userenv errors 2k8 and 2k8 AD


      Ok so a simple fix, the DFS Replication was started but using DFSDiag we found " DFSDIAG_ERROR - APPL - DFS Service not runnin" but thats my first mistake as its the RemoteRegistry and DFS Namespace that do the work not the replicationservice.

      Many Thanks