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Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

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  • Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?


    I am currently studying AD. And while studying i got messed up with Global Catalog server role and Bridgehead server role. Can anyone help me in understanding the difference in both of them.

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    Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

    There are plenty of links in google which would have helped, I would suggest a quick search there too. The two are very different.

    What is the Global Catalog

    How the Global Catalog works

    Replication Concepts

    Designating a bridgehead

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      Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

      thanks 4r ur reply. but i have already gone to through links. Is their any link which can describe the difference between them. because as of now i understand that both are used for replication over the forest.


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        Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

        Each site has one ISTG and its the ISTGs job to select 1 bridgehead server per partition (usually all partitions are handled by a single bridehead). Your partitions being the domain, configuration, schema, application and gc. Replication between sites is handled by the bridgehead server.


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          Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

          To expand on Garen's post...

          In each site you will have a bridgehead server that is by default defined by the KCC. You can also manually set which DC you would like to be the bridgehead server. Depending on the size of your Forest/Domain MS recommends letting the KCC chose the bridgehead server in a given site.

          As far as what they are used for, brigehead servers are used for replicating the GC and other AD data within a forest/domain. They don't deal directly with replication (GC's that is), that is just how it is transported.

          This LINK may help...

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            Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?

            Hi All,
            Hi Jason,
            You have mentioned that the KCC is defined as Bridgehead server.
            But there is a small mistake.
            KCC will be consist in all domain controller within the site. KCC will assign the ISTG. By default the first DC in the site will be assigned as an ISTG. which is known as a Bridgehead server.
            That will be responsible for the replication between the sites in the domain.
            Note: ISTG can also be assigned manually. or else we can create a Stand-By bridgehead server by makinjg the other DC to the Direct Replication Partner.

            Global Catalog:
            This will have the Full Replication of the Own Domain and the partial Replication of the other Domain. It is used for Forest wide search and Universal group membership authentication.

            Please Let me know if any mistake i made.



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              Re: Global Catalog / Bridgehead : Diffrence?


              Thanks for the clarification!

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