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Basic (very) AD question HyperV Machine

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  • Basic (very) AD question HyperV Machine

    I am a newbie to AD but have worked in Computing for some time.

    I have a single physical server (SVR1) which is hosting my Exchange (2007). In addition this server also has HyperV running which has 2 Virtual Servers, SVR-SP hosts MS Sharepoint and SVR_SQL hosts the SQL for the sharepoint.

    I currently have the system set up where users need to be added to both SVR1 for email and SVR_SP for sharepoint access, but I would prefer to add users to one server (preferably SVR1) to allow access to both.

    My Questions are:
    1. How do I set about doing this? - Is there a tutorial or is it quite simple?
    2. How do I allow mailbox access on SVR1 but restrict user access to the server itself (i.e. I don't want users to be able to see files etc).

    Sorry if this is really basic, but I am not sure where to start.


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    Re: Basic (very) AD question HyperV Machine

    You must have Active Directory to support Exchange, so you can use domain users in Sharepoint
    Follow the MS advice of adding users to groups and giving the groups permissions on the sharepoint server

    Mailbox access is separate from security permissions so you can give one without the other
    Go through shares on the server, look at their permissions (sharing or security) and remove groups like "all users" or "domain users" or (worse still) "everyone"
    Make sure domain admins or administrators still has permissions
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