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Joining a machine to a specific OU

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  • Joining a machine to a specific OU

    I know that it is possible to change the default OU that machines are created in when joined to a domain, and that you can prestage a computer in a specific ou.

    Is it possible to have a computer joined to a specific OU base on the user that joins it. For example if UserA is a member of the group IT Tech, and he joins a machine to the domain, it will create the computer account in a specified OU.

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    Re: Joining a machine to a specific OU

    If you have an image and sysprepped it, you can specify in the sysprep.inf file the location of where the computer account is to be created! See the file on the Windows CD for the required files.


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      Re: Joining a machine to a specific OU

      I have always pre-staged my computer acounts, so cannot entirely recommend a solution but throw in a suggestion.

      Have you tried changing the permissions on the Computers container with regards to the groups permitted to add computers there? I would recommend testing this in a test environment to start with.

      You can then delegate the appropriate permissions to the user groups on the other OUs. Whether when they join a computer to the domain it is added to the OU they have permission for, it would need to be tested but hopefully, someone else will know, if this is feasible.


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        Re: Joining a machine to a specific OU

        I don't think what you're asking for is available 'out of the box'.

        What I would do is delegate permissions so each user has Create Object and Delete Object to the OUs they will join computers to.

        Use NetDom in a batch file to join the computers to the domain, using NetDom you can specify the OU to be used, give each user their own NetDom script.


        NETDOM JOIN %COMPUTERNAME% /Domain:*domainname* /UserD:*user* /PasswordD:*password* /OU:OU=OUName,DC=yourdomain,DC=com
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