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SONAR File replication service status

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  • SONAR File replication service status

    Hi. I am running Windows 2003 domain with 2 DC. I was trying to use Sonar to monitor the replication beetween two DC. So I installed this program on my Windows XP PC. After I installed it and ran it. I got the following result:

    Datacollection state failed for both servers and for datatcollection error FRSRPC.
    Any suggestions what should I do about this. I have not seen any error messsages from event viewer related to FRS.Has anyone seen this before.
    Thank you
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    Re: SONAR File replication service status

    if u runing this on the XP machine it won't pick up "SYSVOL" share folder, as the replication is set on the server's "SYSVOL" folder and not the workstaions

    install it in the DC and run it from there. I am running on 2003 server works fine for me

    other tool you can use is replmon (AD replication monitor) its part to system tools


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      Re: SONAR File replication service status

      Thank you very much, it works fine for me too after I installed it on DC