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Active directory Backup/Restore

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  • Active directory Backup/Restore

    First of All im New to forum and this is my first post but im using this website for long time and this website always help me with my every doubts and how-to, anyways im using Windows server 2003 Standard Sp2 And my Question regarding Active Directory, There is Just one Domain Controller i want to know that is there anyhow/possibility that i can Backup Active Directory And Restore it in another for eg, if somehow my Domain Controller machine goes down/ or any disaster comes so i can up my another machine, both machine have same configuration hardware/OS, i saw some threads/links on different website but still no luck so iam really depressed and this is my last option to ask here i Really appriciate if someone can help me out, i can use "Ntbackup" or "Backup Exec 11d"


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    Re: Active directory Backup/Restore

    If the other machine in question already exists why not install it as a second domain controller in the domain? It will then replicate everything so, should you lose the first server, you can keep running on that one.

    If you can't (and it is best practice to have more than one in a domain), then Microsoft's website has numerous articles on DR.
    This is just one link from google:

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      Re: Active directory Backup/Restore

      So Nice of you for help thanks, well that's just for my practice i don't have any other machine just have one server, other thing i went to the microsoft website but it little bit complicated for me.. anything else can help me so let me know.. thanks again for all your help.


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        Re: Active directory Backup/Restore


        Whenever you backup the Domain Controller, the Active Directoy Attributes and Registry are backed up under System State. In case of a system crash, you can reinstall OS on a different machine (similar Hardware), bring it to the network, it should have the same host name and IP address.

        The reason, it should have the same Host Name & IP Address is because, System State can only be restored to Original location.

        CA Arcserve Backup is a good solution in this regards.

        Hope this helps, lemme know if you need more info on this.

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