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  • Domain Controllers

    I have an AD with 1 domain controller. I would like to add another domain controller for fault tolerance (ie the first one dies).

    Can someone point me to the a good overview of what I need to do to add the new domain controller (ie replecation, etc).

    Also, can the added domain controller do other functions on my network (ie, file server, application server, etc ?)

    thanks for any help. And yes I can RTFM, if you point me to a decent one.

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    Re: Domain Controllers

    Google is your best friend.


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      Re: Domain Controllers

      I would also recommend making sure DNS is AD integrated and make the 2nd DC a DNS server and GC as well. You just run DCPROMO on the 2nd server to add it as a DC to the current domain. The wizard gives you information as well, so spend the time reading through it as you progress.


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        Re: Domain Controllers

        If you have a later version of the Server operating system being installed on the second DC, you may also need to run ADPREP to update the AD Schema.
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