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  • ADUC Query Creation Help

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to write a query to get all users that have a specific container underneath them. Is this even possible?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    GoogleFu is strong with this one ^

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    Re: ADUC Query Creation Help

    users that have a container underneath them ?

    You mean you want to know all users that are in a specific container or OU ?

    These two links will give you a start:

    However - give me some more specific info, and I'll see ifI can custom design one..
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      Re: ADUC Query Creation Help

      Not exactly. I've read those already but nothing comes close to my issue. I appreciate it though.

      Basically a user lives here CN=My Name,OU=MyOU,DC=internal,DC=Corp

      However, underneath certain users is another CN=passwordreset,CN=My Name, OU=MyOU,DC=internal,DC=Corp.

      So I'm basically trying to enumerate users that have the CN underneath themselves.
      GoogleFu is strong with this one ^