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AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

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  • AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

    Hi Guys,

    Im really scratching my head at this one, ive got an old Server 2003 which is a DC and also had Exchange 2003 on it, we've upgraded to new hardware and also up to Server 2008 Exchange 2007, ive sorted exchange and moved the mailboxes no problem and also removed exchange 2003 from the old server.

    The problem im stuck with is that even though the new server says its a DC and a GC when the old server is switched off anything to do with AD stops, its reporting in various locations it cant find a DC and also exchange 2007 stops working as well.

    Im at a total loss with this so any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

    DCdiag /v and relevent events will help us to sort it out. share the same if possible.
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      Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

      Hi, Thanks for your help and sorry for the length of this reply!

      Because of the length of the outputs ive uploaded it to a txt file
      Both Servers are online so not sure why its mentioned the PDC cannot be contacted:


      Thanks for any help you can give on this.

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        Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

        have you transferred all your fsmo roles, and not just the gc role ?
        also = did you do a dcpromo and demote the old srever or just switch it off ?

        (i haven't read the output yet)
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          Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008


          Yer ive transferred all the FMSO Roles, i had to do this manually however.

          When i try and demote the old server i get an error firstly, saying that it cant find another DC and that this is the last server in the domain (which it isnt obviously) and then finally that a domain controller for the domain could not be contacted that contained an account for this computer.

          Thanks for any help


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            Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008

            Which one is you DNS server and does the new DC have the required DNS records on the DNS server? Are these servers replicating?

            Wel looking into the DCDIAG report i see many error concerning the 2nd domain controller, can you verify that the Sysvol is there and shared?

            Can you also check the replication and access (Share level and NTFS) to the sysvolshare?
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              Re: AD Wont Migrate to Server 2008


              No its not there so presume something has gone wrong somewhere along the lines.

              Can i do a dcpromo /force to forcefully remove it and then run dcpromo again to get it properly setup? Will this upset exchange that running on there at the minute perfectly?