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Problems with a joining a group linked to a GPO

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  • Problems with a joining a group linked to a GPO

    Hi all,

    I've looked at lots of different posts on this and ultimately, I have ended up more confused.

    I want to create a group under Windows SBS 2003.

    I create the group under domain.local -> Domain Group -> Security Groups

    I call the group 'Proxy Users'

    I add myself to the group

    I create a GPO called 'Proxy Settings'

    I link the group to Forest -> Domains -> Domain.local

    I add 'Proxy Users' to the members and remove 'Authenticated Users'

    I gpupdate and gpresult and I am not a member of the group 'Proxy Users'. If I add myself explicitly, (i.e. Scope - Security Filtering -> my.user and 'Proxy Users') I do become a member of the group.

    Can someone take pity on me this Easter and walk me through slowly what idiocy I'm doing and how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!