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Raise domain function level, break Exchange 5.5 ?

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  • Raise domain function level, break Exchange 5.5 ?

    Hi learned ones!

    After getting rid of my last windows 2000 DC, I was about to raise domain function level to Windows 2003. I want to use some of the new functionality that comes with this change.

    However we are mid-migration to Exchange 2003 and still have one live Exchange 5.5 server working with ADC.

    Will raising forest and domain function level to 2003 break ADC or exchange 5.5?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Raise domain function level, break Exchange 5.5 ?

    What OS is 5.5 running on? Make sure you have the latest ADC as well.
    Exchange Server 5.5

    Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 can be installed on either Windows NT Server 4.0 or Windows 2000 Server operating systems; however, Exchange 5.5 does not use Microsoft Active DirectoryŽ directory service. Exchange 5.5 uses its own directory and, when running on Windows 2000, it can coexist in a mixed Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 environment.

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      Re: Raise domain function level, break Exchange 5.5 ?

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for those links. Saw those articles. I'm just being overly cautious because nothing on those compat. tables actually say "exchange 5.5+ADC works on 2k3 native forest/domain"

      The "not applicable" note for exchange 5.5 under "Active Directory Environment Windows 2000sp3/Windows 2003 network" just made me nervous. I get what you are saying re: exchange 5.5. having its own directory, thus is not applicable. I'm just worried about replication between the two

      However I am already running ADC from exchange 2003 SP2, so reading suggest I should be ok!

      Thanks again.