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Web Administration of Active Directory

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  • Web Administration of Active Directory

    Hi ... a small question from Spain.

    I want to give a few users the capability to change some data of users of an AD, but they can create or delete users, only change user information or active user account for example.

    There is any way to do this ???

    And there is an web administration tool for Active Directory ? these users could perform these tasks from a web interface ?

    Thanks from Spain

    El Bruno

    PD: Sorry for my poor English

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    Put the accounts you wish these "Admins" to edit into one OU, then run throught he delegation wizard on the OU to precisely configure permissions.

    And no there is no web interface (from MS anyway), may be a 3rd party out there somewhere. (Although I would highly recommend against this) unless you serioulsy lock it down to client IP address'.

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"