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  • ADMT 3 migrating computers

    Greetings all,
    I've been working on an Active Directory Migration using ADMT 3.0 in a test environment for an upcoming project. The plan is to replace olddomain.local with newdomain.local. I've created DNS Forwarder between Domains. Setup 2 way trusts between the domains. Added Domain Admins to local Administrators group in both domains. Disabled SID Filtering.Used ADMT to create a .PES key, Installed PWDMIG on source DC for exporting user passwords. Migrating users and groups works fine but when I migrate computers I'm encountering issues. When I run a precheck from the ADMT agent I get an error unable to access ADMIN$ share on the machine. If i log in to the computer and add a local admin for the target domain it gets past this error and migrates the computer. In the production environment there will be close to 300 computers. I really don't want to visit each machine and add local admin accounts for the new domain. Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: ADMT 3 migrating computers

    BUILTIN\Administrators aren't local admins on desktops, it is the Domain Admins group that is added. You could use a GPO to add using the restricted groups bit maybe?

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