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    I wanted to know, is it possible to create another group to AD (and how, if it is), that functions exactly like default group "Domain Users". i mean create group, that has all users as a members and if a new user is created, it becomes automatically a member of that group?


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    Re: Domain Users group

    I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do that.

    To add all your current users to a group you could use DSQUERY and DSMOD, use something similar to the following script

    dsquery user "ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com" | dsmod group "cn=Marketing Staff,ou=Marketing,dc=microsoft,dc=com" -addmbr
    As far as new users go could you not just create a user account which is used as a template for all new user accounts, place this template account in all the required groups?

    What would be useful is modify the 'MemberOf' attribute on the User class and pre-populate it with the new group but that's not possible.

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