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adjust for best performance, via GP?

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  • adjust for best performance, via GP?

    just wondering if anyone's knows if this is possible,

    i work in a school, i have a varity of pc's varying from brand new to about 3/4 years old.

    on some of the older pc's approx 80 pc's which are running win xp

    they are currently set to best apperance, i want to change them all over to best performance. ive tried it on a few and it make's quite a difference

    (right click my computer > properties > advanced > settings > visual effects)

    is there a quick way of doing this, ie a GP that i have'nt found, a script, a regestry setting?

    thanks in advance


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    The simple way is to export the new settings to *.reg file and import it with logon script.
    Other option is to setup this registry via GPO:
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      i ended up bittin the bullet, it was half term last week so had a bit of spare time and had to go round all the machines anyway for something else so did them one by one.

      but thats useful for future reference.


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        Hi ind13,

        yuval14 has pointed you to the right way to the solution. However, I would like to second him in adding a little more details on it, since I have old XP clients as well ( As far as I know Micrsoft will release another version for Windows XP called "simplified" . That version is meant for legacy clients. I hope it'd be a good one.)

        As the article on myITforum has described the reg key so you can customize the wall paper. Here's another key that you need to use if you want to remove all of the XP "visual effects" that slow down the machine.

        HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects\VisualFXSetting


        0 = Let Windows choose what's best for my computer.

        1 = Adjust for best appearance.

        2 = Adjust for best performance.

        I chose 2.

        ADM Template:

        I've been customizing .adm with reg for a while until I found this GREAT FREE tool: PolicyMaker Registry Extension.

        Please read the description of why you should use it instead of .adm custom reg, try it for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed .

        Bottom line: I use that reg key with PolicyMaker Registry Extension. It works like a champ.

        Please let me know if you need additional information.