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Why will use The Active Directory?

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  • Why will use The Active Directory?

    Why any organization will use or implement Active Directory?
    Would you please tell me the Details for the reason of usage Active Directory?


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    Re: Why will use The Active Directory?

    It's a directory service that grants secure access to company resources on a need to know basis. The architecture allows software that requires a directory service in which to run in, that also needs a way of securing that access, to integrate and add to the AD directory schema.

    The schema allows for a uniform approach to all tasks in AD. i.e. You could go to other organisations and quickly get up to speed with the basis of their setup as they will be based on the same principles, objects, underlining architecture and approach.

    It allows a means to roll out a secure environment for PCs. They can be locked down by AD's Group Policy. Delegation of administrative duties is possible. It is possible to audit how these administrative duties are used.

    Users then logging on to the AD domain can be held accountable for their actions. They will be given a unique logon, that will be monitored and AD will restrict what they are permitted to have access to.

    There is a lot more to AD but I am sure others will also add to this thread.
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      Re: Why will use The Active Directory?

      Simply put, a lot of Windows workstations (hell, 5 of them!) without a domain will make you "insane in the membrane"!
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        Re: Why will use The Active Directory?

        To many reasons to name it.
        So, why wouldn't you implement an AD environment?
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