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  • Server account Not in AD Sites & Services

    Hi all, I am sorry if this is a re-post, but i looked through the 4 pages to see if this topic was covered & didn't see anything.

    I had an issue a few weeks ago where my main domain controller had a hardware failure & wouldnt boot back into windows, so i ended up having to remove it for AD> I used tools & tips from this site to remove metadata & all instances of that server from AD because i wanted to rebuild that server & use the same name. Everything worked fine there & i was able to rebuild the server & add back to AD. (After a little trouble, but wasn't too bad!) This server had 3 FSMO roles on it & i added them back after re-adding the server.

    This server was fine for a few days & i ended up having to change the administrator password because we had to lay off one of our support reps. I changed this from the rebuilt server & i thought everything was fine until i tried to log in as admin on another server. I then noticed that this server was not syncing AD with any other server & i had to use the old password. I looked in AD Sites & services & the server was not listed. (though it had been the last time i checked!)

    My question is, "Is there an easy way to add this server back to AD & get it working again, or is this going to be a problem. Any help/tips/steps would be more than helpful. thanks for reading this long post! Robert.

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    Re: Server account Not in AD Sites & Services

    Does it have any FSMO roles or is it a GC, or was?

    I would be tempted to try a DCPROMO on it to see if it will demote or since it sounds very strange this has happened, treat it like a failed DC and carry out what you did on the other one.